Sunday, May 9

Ogbomoso South Chair, Oyedokun Timothy Kick Off Electrification Of Kajola Market

In his effort against street trading in across the local government area, the Caretaker Chairman, Ogbomoso South local government, Hon Oyeniyi Oyedokun Timothy has commenced electrification projects in Kajola Market, Kajola area, Ogbomoso.

Speaking with journalists on the need for traders to vacate the roadsides and put up their wares in more conducive business areas and shops designated and provided by government, Hon Oyeniyi promised that to make life easier for traders within kajola market and other markets in Ogbomoso South LG by providing state-of-the-art facilities like other modern markets.

“In line with Governor Makinde’s promise, I am promising that I will not rid off street traders across the major roads around markets in Ogbomoso South until alternative spaces and shops were created for them with social amenities.

“We have ensured that some phases of the market are renovated, while more shops are being constructed as we are preparing for more people to come into Kajola market. Now we’ve commenced electrification of the market, as the unavailability of power can be described as the major reason why traders and business owners are not willing to come into the Kajola market before.” he added.

Hon Oyedokun added that the gesture would not only end in Kajola market, he will ensure all nook and cranny of Ogbomoso South local government enjoy government interventions and social amenities.

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