Sunday, May 9

Makinde warns against creating mayhem for political ambitions

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, yesterday, warned politicians and others bent on creating chaos in the state for purposes of having undue advantage, calling on them to have a rethink.

Speaking at the quarterly broadcast on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), Makinde noted that government would come and go, but the state will remain.

He urged residents to do everything possible not to destroy the state for the present and next generations.

Makinde said: “So many people have come to meet me, saying Ibadan people are not easy to govern. Personally, I apply logic in whatever I have to do, but if the problem is not solved, it will keep coming back. I believe we have to govern by consensus, consultation and by seeking alignment. If all of us agree on what to do, we are likely to succeed, rather than coercing people

“Quite frankly, some people might be confused; some might have something else in mind. But I believe we are moving somewhere, because people have input in most of the policies and projects we are doing. Consequently, we have had tremendous support from the people of Oyo State and that is the way we intend to keep it.

“Some people may say governing Oyo State is difficult because it is big. But I would say governing Oyo State is quite simple. Yes, some of the challenges we are going through could be complex, but solutions to them are very simple…

“There are people who think that what can make them get to the seat of governance is to create chaos every now and then. But I have news for them. For you to govern Oyo State, there must first of all be a state to govern. If you destroy our state, what are you coming back to govern?…”

On Akufo, Eruwa Farm Estates and Botswana project, Makinde admitted that some of the things his government set out to do on agriculture had been delayed a little, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

He, however, said the farm estates are at the point where they should break grounds.

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