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Jacob Ajao: Two Years of Pragmatic Stewardship

In commemoration of his two years of representing Ogbomoso North/South/Oriire Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, We present to you scorecard of Captain Ajao Jacob Adejumo.

Ajao, who is the vice-Chairman House Committee on Navy is a first timer at the green chamber.

Captain Ajao Jacob assumes office on the 11th June, 2019 and within the course of two years brought unprecedented development, progress and projects to his constituent

1. Federal cooperative college, Ibadan bill 2019.

2. Federal college of Agriculture, Ibadan bill 2020.

3. National heroes register bill 2019.

4. Constitutional amendment on constitutional roles for traditional rulers bill 2020.

1. Need to complete the dualization of Oyo-ogbomoso road which was commenced in 2001 but has been abandoned.

2. The need to investigate the N6 billion withheld by Airlines in Nigeria.

3. Urgent need to probe the frequent fire disaster in Federal establishments


1. Facilitation of A block of 7 Seven Classrooms, at Yaku Community Primary School, Ogbomoso South, Ogbomoso.

2. Facilitaion of 4 Nos of Blocks of 3 Classroom at Ansarudeen Primary School, Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso.

3. Facilitation and Installation of 500kva Transformer at Iluju, Oriire, Ogbomoso.

4. Facilitation and installations of 500kva Transformer at Esanuaje Area, Ogbomoso South, Ogbomoso.

5. Facilitation and Installation of 500kVa at Aduin Hamamah Area, Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso.

6. Facilitation of Two Modern Maternity Health Centres at Ilodo/Ojatuntun Town and Iluju town, Orire local Government.

7. A Motorized borehole at Ijeru, Ogbomoso South, Ogbomoso.

8. A Motorized borehole at Yaku Community, Ogbomoso South, Ogbomoso.

9. A Motorized borehole at Osupa Ogbomoso.

10. A Motorized borehole at Ahorodada, Orire, Ogbomoso.

11. A block of 3 Classrooms at Moleyo, Oriire, Ogbomoso.

12. Facilitation of 3 blocks of a Classrooms at Nurudeen Grammar School.

13. Facilitation of Additional 4 boreholes at LAUTECH, METHODIST SECONDARY SCHOOL, MAYA, TEWURE.

14. Facilitation of street lights to Osupa,and Aaje wards.


1. Empowering Constituents with 30 million naira revolving loan

2. Empowering some Constituents with 15million naira grants

3. Distribution of 50 Motorcycle.

4. Distribution of Tons of Fertilizers to farmers across the three (3) local governments in the constituency.

6. Fifty constituents have benefited from the First Phase of Students Scholarship by Captain Ajao Scholarship Scheme, which will see the beneficiaries through in their various levels of higher learning.

7. Construction of Culvert or Mini Bridge, Behind Nurudeen Primary School, Kuye Area, Ogbomoso.

8. Synthesizing the Constituents on how to stay safe from the constituents, and distribution of Hand Sanitizers to Major Markets and Hospitals in Ogbomoso.

9. Distribution of palliatives which includes, Food Items, Nose Mask to cushion the effect of Covid19.

10. Engagement of thirty (30) youths in the Constituency on Tailoring and Fashion designing, where the beneficiaries after the training will be established.

11. Sponsoring and Financing of Operation Ogbomoso routes must be accessible, where deplorable roads were graded.

13. Facilitation of employment opportunities for over twenty residents of Ogbomoso.


1. Dredging of Rivers Channel to allow free flow of water in the constituency.

2. Solar lights to villages in Orire Local Government.


  • Ismaila Abubakar

    Welcome Hon. Jacob Ajao. As the Vice Chairman House Committee on Navy,we expect you to struggle & have Air Navy training School in Ogbomoso,a campus of Admiralty University at Orire & a research institute in Ogbomoso. We need more Federal presence. Kindly move a motion for CRIN( cocoa research institute of Nigeria) Ibadan to have outstation in Ogbomoso whose mandate is to research on Cocoa & Cashew. Cashew & Mango are in abundance in Ogbomoso roting away. Black reddish sorghum called Okababa now going into extinction is best used for malt drink & baby food production. IAR(institute of agriculture) Samaru- Zaria has the mandate to research on sorghum & cotton. We need IAR to establish outstation in Ogbomoso to research on cotton as an industrial crop that can attract five large scale industries. Ogbomoso soil & climate are best for planting of long staple cotton that requires higher rainfall which is usually imported in Nigeria.

  • Ismaila Abubakar

    Our root & herb are going into extinction due to hidden knowledge that was not transfered to the young one’s. The need to conduct research & document breakthrough using science to establish the success story of our forefathers. NPRI(Nigerian Pharmaceutical Research Institute) Abuja,has the mandate to research on root & herbs. Hon. Ajao can move motion to decentralize to institute for each geopolitical zone to have one each.Ogbomoso can host that of Southwest or strengthen Bio-resource center,Ogbomoso in root & herb research. Leprosy center,Ago-Ogbomoso is not receiving federal govt attention but the only federal govt leprosy center is in Sahe-Zaria. Why can’t the federal govt have annex in Ogbomoso for Southwest zone?.

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