Ahmad Olansile is the  National president of Federation of Oyo State Student Union FOOSU,  in this interview with Remi Oladoye , Editor Alarinkaagbaye.com he speaks on what should  be the chief quality of  a governor and the need to tackle  unemployment  by the leaders so as to bring a perfect state of security and not just  equipping  military and paramilitary men to  for peace  and  security.  Excerpt.

Can  we meet you

I am Ahmad Olasile ,  National President  Federation of Oyo state  Student Union FOSU

2015 is around  the corner what is the target of Foosu


Well  FOOSU is the only  body that coordinate the activities of Oyo state indigenous students and we are planning to organized ourselves ,  as soon as registration commences we want to mobilize our people schooling outside Oyo state   to come and register in the state so that they can participate in the coming election, beside that we are putting a lot of structure on ground for the students and the youth including  all the  civil society  organization in the state just to make sure we have a very unanimous voice in selecting who lead us in the next political dispensation

What should be the chief quality of next governor of Oyo state.

The quality we are looking for is not too much because as the governor you have to understand that  you have a lot of responsibility to attend to, the governor must not also ruled out the fact that he  is governing people, which is consensus  and what we really need from him is a governor that has a listening her a governor that is visionary, a governor that is ready to be meeting youth every blessed month if not week, if you understand the programme you will understand that different  problems are coming up on daily basis which  the governor must attend to, a governor cannot attend to them at the same time if he is a governor that has a listening hear he will be able to use different channel to consult and  confirm where exactly shoes is pinching the masses  and that is why we deserve a governor  with a very good sense of humour and  human relations with people  that is the kind of governor we are looking at

Governor Ajimobi recently gave student bodies in Oyo state buses,  is that not a means to lure you into supporting him for 2015 ? .

Actually we cannot rule out that it is part of our request  and let me just tell you we have a lot of things on ground  as a request even before his emergence as the governor  because he signed  a certain contract with the student of Oyo state and he has been able to fulfilled some  but what we just need from him now which we have not been given is his attention because it is in its capacity , we have not been discussing  or having interactive session with him may be that is why we are being denied,  the buses is part of our request  so long  he is listening and attending to the request of the students , youth and other civil society organization positively  and the people of Oyo state enjoy him  i don’t think there is anything wrong if we support his re election

Two  past governor of the state  Senator Rashidi Ladoja and his  Sucessor Otunba Aloa Akala posters flooded some part of the state as expression of interest that they may likely  re-contest for the seat in 2015, what is your take on that ?.

Well,  when i saw the posters few days ago i told some of my colleague  that it is expected  because election year is  very close  and everybody need to move round to seek patronage from the electorate  , i feel elated because the pressure will be high even the sitting governor will tighten his belt  and we cannot rule out this  influence of the duo in Oyo state politics  because they are stakeholders in the southwest and Nigeria politics and they have strong  political   structure  because when you look at Sen Ladoja, he has  strong  structure even when he migrated from PDP to Accord party he still maintain  some of the structure and it is obvious now that the structure is getting stronger and  across the state , likewise  Otunba Alao Alao Akala, his hand  is almost  everywhere in Oyo state and this time around he is coming out from another angle, people should not believe that the kind of method he uses the other time will still be used again.

But They’ve have their share in the ,past don’t you think they should also give the youth the opportunity to  rule

Yes that is how it is suppose to be but when you look at the configuration and the system of  politics in Nigeria the youth may not be given the total opportunity to govern, because  Nigerian  politics  entails  spending  hugely  before one can attain certain political post and if you don’t have that kind of money you may not win  any elective   position in Nigeria ,  when we look at the country in term of unemployment  only few youth can come out and slug it out with the elders   politics in the 60’s  and 70’s is not about money its all about programm and conviction that one can actually do it but now its is all about money  if  you don’t have certain amount of money you cannot be anything, but  we as youth have the opportunity to mobilize for whosever that is visionary  and has a focus, and good programm for their people   in their state,  that notwithstanding we still have the power to mobilize against any  form of bad governance  through social  media   and networking

As a student leader, what  should people of Oyo state ask from  whoever want to govern the state.

A lot of question, because a lot of things are pending because we have a lot of contentious  issue to discuss, like issue of unemployment we must ask whoever is coming  on how he will address it  and on the issue of youth activities , when you look at the issues of security, it goes beyond putting in place security operatives in place   but its all about engaging youth in different  programm that will occupy their time and give them economic benefit,  for example someone that is engaged  with his business or programme will not  be indulging in any social vices, we have to ask  the  question, we must also ask how is he going to tackle infrastructural  decay  in the state when you look at the interior of Oyo state   and some area in oke ogun somewhere  around  Elekokan  there is no light and road, there is no serious government impact in the area  and every year there are votes for development of those area, whosoever that is coming must take in cognisance  the need to  torch the interior and rural part of Oyo state and give us a practical approach  that will solve and sustain  the problem they are really facing . We still have to sit down analyse problems and proffer practical solution to it .

On a final note, how will you assess governor Abiola Ajimobi

Governor Ajimobi has really performed and he has really performed to the best of his ability, compared to what we have in the past, actually every government  has his own programme there is no government that you can totally condemned, what the last government  focus may not be the target of this government  but compare what we have in recent time can see a clear difference from performance  but that notwithstanding we cannot say that the present government has done everything  , we still have  a lot of  contentious  issues to discuss  but so far so good the presiding governor in the state  has really preformed to the best of his ability. If i  am to score him now people may not  really understand the yardstick which i use in  scoring him but   at least he has score above 50 percent.

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