No Venue, High-handedness, 3 Other Questions Akala Posed to Ajimobi

Former Oyo state governor, Adebayo Alao-Akala, has raised several questions and allegations against governor Abiola Ajimobi over high-handedness and secrecy in the conduct of the All Progressives Congress, APC, gubernatorial primary scheduled for today, Sunday.

The former governor in a save a soul message to party leadership on Saturday distanced himself from what he described as macabre dance taking place at a yet to be disclosed venue today.

He had also urged his supporters to shun the event.

In a swift reaction on Saturday, Ajimobi’s Special Adviser on Communication and Strategy, Mr Bolaji Tunji, explained that the governor had emphasized severally at the meeting that he has not anointed any of them. He added that the aspirants, who were originally up to 26, did not get back to the governor on those they have chosen to participate in the primary.

The governor’s spokesman said it is not uncommon for aspirants to come up with excuses and unsubstantiated allegations when it becomes clear to them that they may not win an election.

Here are some of the questions and allegations raised by Alao Akala in the press release and interview granted some journalists on Saturday at his Ibadan home.

1. Why is it that it is only in Oyo state that we are doing indirect primary?

2. Why is it that the venue of the primary election is unknown less than 24 hours to the congress?

3. He also questioned Ajimobi’s high-handedness in the state politics. His words:

“When you (Ajimobi) call people for a meeting, you talk talk and talk. You speak the whole day and you would not allow other people to speak. Is that the way to run politics? You journalists should have questioned why is it in Oyo state alone that we are having indirect primary? Even in Lagos that we have political turbulence there, they are not asking for indirect there. We are not fools.”

4. Why is it that there is no Presidential primary on Friday in Oyo state?

“We are all supporting Buhari, where did you see any primary for the President in Oyo state? No documentary. No media report about Buhari’s primary here unlike in other States. Every other place had primary for Buhari but we didn’t have anything here. And people cannot talk because they are afraid to talk.”

5. He also alleged that Governor Abiola Ajimobi has perfected plans to impose one Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe on delegates as he has sent his foot soldiers around to coerce and intimidate delegates to vote for the said Tegbe tomorrow at the party primaries against their free will.

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