Todays election of the national executives of Federation of ogbomoso student union (FOGSU) which is the national student body of all ogbomoso indigene home and abroad which was conducted at football pitch of ahoyaya school was disrupted by some  hoodlums. crew talk to some of the students  and this is what they have to say

Ayoola Isaac Oluwarkayorde Zecko– Where ar we goin in Nigeria!! Ordinary FOGSU electn is now turnin to sometin else…Are u protectin ur image or not? I rest my case!
Olaleye Timileyin– i was a bit amuse 2day wen i saw students behaving like touts, even so called presidential aspirant.
Ojo’luwa Ibiloye ‘ohjay’– So the election can be disrupted, even as we have a troop of security operatives . My greatest concern is, when will Ogbomosho youths will get liberated from all these counter productive activities…..? What will be will surely be!!!
Oyedele Olalekan-This Madness Must Stop, If Nans @national level can conducted free n fair electn! Y a town dat Made up of 5 local govts. #OGBOMOSO can’t conduct a free and fair election.
We advised all party involved to allow peace to reign.
Ogbomoso o ni baje oooo



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