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Our website receives in excess of 100,000 hits monthly.

Our website is ranked the most visited website in Ogbomoso  and the 6th most visited website in Oyo state according to Alexa’s rating.

Advertising on means that about 100,000 persons will see your advert. Don’t you think that will make for a good Return On Investment?

We offer Premium Advertising Spots, these spots are available on the home page and the splash page (Front Page Top Banner Advert, Front Page Medium Size Advert, Front Page Bottom Banner Advert).

Standard Advertising Spots ,These spots are available on the follow-on pages (Top of Page Banner, Small Side Top Banner (Left), Small Side Column Banner (Right),Small Side Column Banner (Left), Small Side Bottom Banner.

Specifications & Ad Sizes, In an effort to offer our potential advertisers the best service, advertisers have the option of submitting their ad to the specific size or an ad can be created in-house at a reasonable rate. The sizes available are: 530 x 140 pixels, 300 x 130 pixels, 620 x 109 pixels, 150 x 390 pixels, 210 x 120 pixels.

Sponsored Post , We offered business or politically driven post to help individuals or organizations disseminate information about their businesses or campaigns.

SMS Marketing, We have a comprehensive database of valid and active Phone Numbers of Oyo state residents sorted and classified into local government by local government for Bulk SMS for your political campaigns, events notification and advertisement for business and services.

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Advert Policy and Rates

Our rates are among some of the most reasonable in the region. Rates are quoted in Naira and subject to VAT.

We offer cheap advert rates . Contact us today for more details:

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For all our prospective clients, please ensure to note the following:

We accept adverts comprising of business, political, religious, charity and social causes content. However, they must not contain obscene, indecent or profane language.


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